Acupuncture Springfield MO
Soft Touch Acupuncture and Advanced Allergy Therapeutics


Renea firmly believes in treating her patients using  ancient TCM principles of balance with acupuncture, herbal formulas, tuina (Chinese massage techniques), TCM based nutritional advice, as well as auriculotherapy (ear seeds and/or acupuncture).

Chinese medicine is a complete medical system which attempts to treat the full range of diseases, acute and chronic, traumatic, infectious, and internally generated.  That being said, if a disease is extremely virulent or far advanced, and especially if there are serious  changes in the  organic tissue,  Chinese medicine by itself may not be powerful enough.

In the pursuit of the best patient care, Renea practices cooperation with any/all Western health care practitioners. “I believe that when necessary, a combination of modalities may be the best method to restore health”  comments Renea. Medical research in China has shown that most often the two forms of medicine work better together than either one alone.

Renea is committed to honesty and integrity in all facets of patient care. At Soft Touch Acupuncture you can be assured of individual attention and you will never feel like you are just another account number.