Acupuncture Springfield MO
Soft Touch Acupuncture and Advanced Allergy Therapeutics


Service Fees


  • No fee 10 minute consultation

Acupuncture Treatment

  • $65 - Due at time of service.
  • Electric-stimulation acupuncture treatment when needed - no additional charge

Additional services are available at an additional cost (charge added to above pricing):

  • $10 Laser treatments
  • $10 Cupping

Laser Treatment without acupuncture

  • $35 per visit

Cupping without acupuncture

  • $35 per visit

Advanced Allergy Treatment

Auricular Therapy (common treatments for appetite control, smoking cessation, allergies, pain)
  • $35 Each visit: no acupuncture needles - using ear seeds or tacks.
  • $35 & up Each visit: with acupuncture needles and electric stimulation 
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