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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) about Acupuncture

Does it hurt? 

Generally no.  The diameter of an acupuncture needle is MUCH smaller than a hypodermic needle.  The design of an acupuncture needle is meant to slide into the skin.  A hypodermic needle is meant to cut open the skin to delivermedicine or take out blood – that’s why those needles have a larger diameter.

What problems does acupuncture treat?

In China acupuncture is used to treat aches and pains, common colds, general health maintenancestrokes, cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia pretty much anything.  In the US 90% of what we treat is muscle and joint pain.  Licensed Acupuncturists are trained in the same treatment modalities as the acupuncturists in China

My chiropractor and MD does acupuncture, do you have the same training?

NO. There is a BIG difference in the number of training hours required.

In Missouri there are Licensed Acupuncturists and Certified Acupuncturists.

Licensed Acupuncturists have a minimum of 3,000 hours of
Acupuncture training. Licensed Acupuncturists will have the
following initials: L.Ac -> stands for licensed acupuncturist.

Certified Acupuncturists in the state of Missouri are required
to have only 200 hours.  Most chiropractors and MD’s are certified
acupuncturists. No initials required after their name, most just
advertise ‘certified acupuncturist’ or ‘advanced’ or just ‘acupuncture’
after their name.  Their Western medical degree – MD, or Chiropractic
Doctor title is primary.

How do I research an acupuncturist?

A Licensed Acupuncturist has the most training.  They will have L.Ac after their name. 

Website: is the website that lists only those acupuncturists that are Licensed; this website does not list Certified acupuncturist (not adequate hours or training to be on this list).

This website will guide you to those that are licensed nationwide and also will give disciplinary info.

Does insurance cover the fees?

Some do.  Call the 800 number on your insurance card to ask. If they do offer coverage ask if you can go to a Licensed Acupuncturist or if it hasto be an MD. (I don’t understand the reasons but some insurance companieswill , an MD has less training and a Licensed Acupuncturist is less expensive than an MD)

Does Medicare or Medicaid cover acupuncture?

Currently no on both. 


Vary from $45 to $190 nationwide.